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Welcome to Anno Domini Customs,  home of the premier Replica Birdhouse by artisan-craftsman,  Ben Murch.  We offer a variety of artistic products including custom  portraits,  original artwork,  and some graphic design.  Our artists strive to produce the finest artwork,  utilizing their natural talents,  eye for detail,  and analytical minds. Please,  look around and enjoy the artwork.



Replica Birdhouses

With eight years of replicating experience and over 100 replicas created,  Ben produces the finest replica birdhouses available. Part of what makes these birdhouses such a work of art is that from just a few photos of a structure,  a couple boards and some paint,  Ben can create an accurate and detailed replica of any house and a variety of different structures. Prices start as low as $400.

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Floral oil painting.Custom Art

Utilizing oils on canvas,  pen and ink,  watercolor,  charcoal,  artists Hannah and Evan are always expanding their portfolios,  heightening their creativity,  and thrusting their talent deeper into excellence.  Some of our favorite work from Hannah are her pet portraits and oil paintings.  Stunning.  A thoughtful musician,  Evan brings a level of contemplation to his work that is rare in today’s art.

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